Scroll Case Prop

Check out the fantasy scroll case and map project and see how it turned out.

Druid Staff

Checkout this fantasy inspired wizards staff prop, made completely of plastic. it was designed and built for a fantasy photoshoot in Vegas.


Check out my gallery of really kool photocomposited images, these are pieced together with only photographs.

WalterBot Miniature

check out Walter my first fully 3D printed model kit.

Marathon Crash Diorama

Check out my Marathon inspired diorama build and see how I put this together.

Featured Projects

Monster Hunter Project

The Monster Hunter series of games are really amazing games and I hope that Capcom ends up bringing them to next gen systems like the PS4. Check out this 3D printed monster hunter contest entry I did for the Capcom contest.

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Druid Staff

I built this project for a photoshoot I was working on in Vegas, The druid wizard staff was a lot of fun to build and paint it had to be a durable prop and look great. Check more on how I did this project.

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WalterBot Model

Walter is my first fully 3D printed model, I designed this for my 8 year old nephew who want to learn model making, we had tons of fun each making our own Walter.

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Space Gun DL34

Inspired by the iconic hero laser blasters from star wars I built my own custom variant of space laser gun.

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News & Updates

Hello all, so I don't get around to updating my website too often these days just too busy, but you can follow me on my Instagram, Facebook, Deviantart and Behance pages for new projects and ongoing things I am working on.

Also if you have a question PM me through Facebook or Instagram I will get it faster these days.