DL34 Blaster Build

Custom Blaster Pistol

This was my take on a some of the iconic blaster pistols in the original Star Wars movie the Empire Strikes Back. I combined elements from both Han's DL44 and Luke's Model 57 and added my own flare and elements to it.

I was working around and old arisoft gun, a BB gun, as my base and replaced the grips part of the barrel and built the entire center section of the gun. The original gun was stripped down to just the frame and butter barrel housing and trigger unit the rest was scrapped. Though due to my local con rules I will have to rebuild this gun as I can't base any part of it on an actual firing gun even though it can't fire anymore if I tried. So I odds are I will probably just build a whole new gun 3D printed from scratch which will abide by con rules. (so stay tuned for that in the future)

Designing the Body

3D printing and matching parts was challenging mostly because I didn't have a caliper at the time or anything other than a ruler and eyeing it. Basically what I did was measured the best I could then I built a key hole, which is a flat square piece of plastic I can print that has a hole cut out in the shape and measurements of my actual parts to match. this way I can go back into Fusion, I used fusion 360 to design this, altering the design a little at a time until it fit perfect. This way you don't waste tons of plastic and even more time, as these key holes printed out in about 5-10 minutes.

I sued a piece of acrylic from hardware store for the lens which pressure fit into place with a ring I 3D printed into the sight.

I also wet molded a holster to the gun which I will do a tutorial on at a later date.

Assembly & Painting

I also designed everything to stop fit together and use or hide screw within the design so everything could be taken apart if needed. Very little of the assembly of the design was glued together, even the scope can be removed at some point if I wanted to, there are screws hidden under the adjustment knobs, which snap on.

Otherwise everything else threads, slides or screws on with set screws, including the flash hider which I used a real thumb screw but 3D printed my own head for it.

For paint I took the whole thing apart after making sure everything fit together properly and after sanding the entire thing smooth. Once ready I primed with a Krylon grey primer and then finished it with a flat black paint.

I probably would do things a bit differently next time around... I would probably use several different coats of paint and masking fluid to get a more realistic look, but all in all it turned out pretty good for my first space gun.

More to come soon 😉

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