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Who is PLAstic Arcade For?

PLAstic Arcade is for anyone interested in 3D printing, model making or prop making and would like to see how I create the things that I do and make them for themselves.

With over 20 years of creative experience of making things I am sharing my knowledge as well my mistakes for others to learn and create their own projects.

What can I learn here?

I will be showing traditional techniques like sculpting and painting as well as techniques like 3D printing for the purpose of model making, props, miniatures and dioramas, even cosplay which I have recently gotten into. My goal is to show a wide range of techniques and materials I use for the purpose of making whatever things that you like to make, the goal is to educate, learn and share so others can create and make their own amazing things too!

Who Am I

My name is Nathan Gabriel and I am an artist and maker… I have been making things for as long as I can remember out of everything and anything I can get my hands on, long before I knew what a maker was. With my skills as a model maker, sculptor, miniature painter and 3D printer I build models, miniatures, props and just about anything I can creatively come up with... But most importantly I have Fun!

What is PLAstic Arcade

PLAstic Arcade is a creative place where I can share as a maker with over 20 years of experience with others, showing the skills and techniques that I have learned over the years. I believe in sharing of information and I feel it is a huge part what keeps the maker community alive and I enjoy sharing with others what I do. This is a place where I can put the projects I am working on and where others can connect, show appreciation and learn from those projects.

Remember create what you love and enjoy it!

Helpful assistant RukiCat
Helpful assistant RukiCat

Are You Selling Anything?

Knowledge no… All the resources and knowledge that I am putting on my site is for those to enjoy and learn from is absolutely Free99 all the time, it will always be free. But I do accept donations to help produce new projects and to support myself. I do however plan to have a store eventually that I can sell some of the projects and things that I make there, again to be able to create new free projects and tutorials. So support is always welcome and information is always free so enjoy!

More than just a site for me...

This is not just a creative place to show my creativity I am in an effort of making art my livelihood to grow my artistic talents into a means of supporting myself and helping other learn to show their creative side as well.

A few years back my health took a turn for the worst and I had a hard time holding a job because of it, but I didn't let it get me down so I decided to work from home in an effort to create a business where I could set my own hours.

In the End I was actually healed of these health issues I had through the power of God and my savior Jesus. This has spurred on a desire in me to help others go on creating as well it is my goal and dream to use art as an outlet to help others who maybe can't afford to do so... I have been so blessed in my life I want to return the favor and bless others.

Do you Take Commissions?

Yes... I do take commissions for custom designs and I will also take part in a collaborative design as group effort as well. It really comes down to what someone is looking for and whether or not I can do what they want.

What mediums do you work in?

Lots of stuff actually, I am mostly doing 3d printing and work related to that, but I also sculpt with clay and epoxy clays, painting and finish work for props and miniatures, I fabricate out of foam, plastic, wood and clay as well as other materials and I am looking into Worbla to add to my skill set eventually too.

Will you make me a costume?

I don't really do that actually, I can sew and build costumes but I am not really familiar with the process of making costumes for someone else, I may try some day but for now, no!

I will however make props for your costumes or costume elements, stuff that I don't really have to fit to someone's sizing.

you are welcome to submit a request for that and I can fully 3D print the prop if need be. I try to keep those prices reasonable but keep in mind 3D printing can get pricy for larger props.