Costume Builds

I love dressing up in costume its so much fun to become another character for a few hours or a day. Costuming and cosplay is something fairly new for me at least at this level, I remember when I was growing up I would cut up cardboard and old fabric and glue or eventually sew it all together to create fun things for me to wear and adventure in.

Well I never lost that passion to create characters that I love or admire, so in this section I will be stretching my cosplay wings and experimenting in creating some costumes. I hope in the coming months and years for this section to grow and flourish into some real fun content.

As I am adding new pieces to this section I will try to explain and show off the tips, techniques and materials I used in their production. So stay tuned to this section of the site and it should be a lot fun watching it grow.

Costumes & Cosplay

Original Rebel Costume

An original rebel costume inspired by the Rogue One movie, I will progressively working on this costume when I have time adding and improving things as I go, adding the elements from Star Wars that I love to my own custom rebel.

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Modern Wizard Costume

This character is based on my RPG character I play in a modern setting, Franko a modern day wizard living on the streets of New Castle (fictional Chicago city). When I started making costumes I wanted to make a character I loved and I knew no one would recognize, just to have some fun. Check out frank as he evolves into a really kool character.

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