Modern Wizard

Another ongoing project, a work in progress that I add things to form time to time. This costume is something I designed off an RPG character I played in a modern setting. The character is a modern day wizard kind of like Nickolas Cage's Character in the movie The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

I managed to score a really kool vintage leather coat from a thrift store for like 10 bits and have been modifying it here and there with some reclaimed leather. I redid the cuffs and collar already, they were horribly ugly looking definitely right out of the 70's. SO those are gone and the collar also was super ugly so I just actually cut that add a some custom sewing on the edges to help break that up.

Future Modification

I want to replace the buttons on the coat and work on the collar some more to refine it a bit and add a few leather patches and holes to make it look old and lived in, also some interior pockets would be nice. I also plan to mess with the hem on the bottom some and maybe even add some hand embroidery (be fun I've never done that before) of runes around different places on the coat. Form there we'll see how it looks and proceed form that point.


The hat is... well my hat I did put a new leather band on the hat something a bit more fancy but all in all I wear it on a regular basis so I probably won't do much to it and as it wears out it'll age naturally and then I'll mess with it some once I replace it with a shiny new one.

I made a couple of props as well, an old 1800's pistol and a cane sword, both are con safe. The pistol was from foam, my first foam job, it didn't turn out too bad but it could have been better. Same with the sword it was my first time making a prop out of completely paper and I dare say it turned out pretty awesome but I think I can make it much better next time around, though it does give it some character. The sword is serves as both a weapon and as a staff for my character so which I like a lot for the concept.

Where Is This Costume Going?

Like my rebel costume I'm just going to keep adding to it, but I have some plans to make some bling, a few magic rings and brackets and such would definitely add to the character. Also I want to redo the pistol and I like to make a shoulder bag with some alchemy ingredients on the outside as well as a spell book to carry around and kool amulet to finish it off. Oh and I forgot a want a wizard can be without a wand so I will be making one of those as well.