I have been making miniatures for a long time, it was just fun then a hobby then it became a passion. I fabricated my own miniatures from traditional materials like clay and Sculpey and put together my fair share of kits.

I have more recently gotten into dioramas... I love film it has inspired my life like I have said on multiple occasions, dioramas are like little mini scenes from a movie which I think is really awesome that I can recreate a scene or a character from a movie or game or create my own scenes and characters.

This section will show my journey, great game by the way, in model making and show off over a decade techniques that I have learned as well as the mistakes I make along the way.

I will be utilizing 3D printing as well as traditional techniques here and showing all my processes for doing each type and where I may choose to use one over the other.

Enjoy the journey! 😉


Walter Bot

Walter was a fun little project I designed for my Nephew who is interested in learning model making, so we each 3D printed, finished and painted one.

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40k Miniatures

A selection of my 40k miniature projects

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Marathon Crash

I built this diorama as a gift for a friend. you can check out the full build on how I did everything to make the this crash site come to life.

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Other Stuff

Monster Hunter Sowrd

Made this scale model of a Monster Hunter Bones sword for the monster hunter generations 3D printing contest that Cap com did, Really turned awesome 🙂

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