This is Walter Wonkybot

Here is the finished Walter I had a lot of fun making this guy. I really love robots, I think they are kool to look at and there are so many different kinds of robots, I look at them being just like people, with different looks and personalities. I was inspired by some of the old style robots and steampunk elements for Walter. He was originally going to be more Wonky than he is but I kind of just ran with the design, it just worked and in the end I liked the results completely.

I originally designed Walter as a project for my 8 year old nephew as a project we could do togetherHe wanted to learn what I do to build miniatures and paint them so this project was for him.

I really enjoyed creating and finishing him, I am working on doing a series of robots like this each different in their own way. So Walter is the first in a series I am calling BitBots digitally designed and 3D printed robot models. So keep checking back to see the new bot to join the crew.

Ill put a section up soon for the new BitBots concepts as they come.


Noah's Walter

Here are a few pics of my Nephew's Walter that he did, he's really into the karate fighting robots. Anyhow I think he did an amazing job, I did help him with some instruction along the way but he painted every stroke and glued every part himself, he was so proud of what he accomplished and so am I.