Prop Builds

I remember my first experiences at the movie theater as a kid, seeing "Return of the Jedi" on a big screen, one of the first movies I ever saw in a theater.

When seeing these amazing movies it fueled my passions and stuck with me, I loved erything about them the sets the costumes the alien characters and yes of course the props. When I saw a lightsaber for the first time on screen I just remember saying that's so kool, can I get one of those, or the staff Lando had and whatever that bowl of whatever that Jabba was eating from all of it was so kool.

This section is dedicated to my passion for props and replicas, but not just from movies but games, television and even some things from my own imagination.

I will show the techniques used as well as the processes, painting, materials and anything else that I can in this section, I also hope to have some tutorials on some of the builds here as well.

Props & Artifacts

Druid Staff

This prop was made for a photoshoot in Las Vegas, I really had fun making this and experimented with some new materials I had never used before.

Check out this build

Space Tools

Every Rebel Costume needs those extra little bits, I 3D printed some stylish pens to go with my Rogue One inspired costume.

Check out this build

DL34 Custom Blaster

I made this custom blaster for my Rebel costume, it was made from an old broken airlift gun as a base and I 3D printed the rest

Check out this build

Comm Device

Another prop for my Rebel Costume this was really fun simple build

Check out this build