Scroll Map Case

Had a lot of fun with this one...
I have been working on a game development project for a while now and this was a physical prop designed from that world from the game. I was working on the world map for the setting over the past few months as well as some other graphics and as part of this effort I also built a physical prop based on the world. So the map was printed and aged and then a scroll/map case was built to house the map.

The overall design was meant to look like an artifact that came from the game world, so I designed and 3D printed some of the motif parts as well as the stone bits. because time was a factor 3D printing the tube was not possibility so I went with a lower tech alternative making it out of shipping tube, brass could have been used here as well and wrapped around the outside as well if I had any at the time. All the relief panels were cut and then laid on the outside as well.

Here is the finished product a step by step tutorial is coming soon and I will post a link here when it is finished. In the meantime you can see the finished results of the project and I would say the client was quite happy with it.