A form of photo compositing, photosculpts is a term I invented to explain a type digital compositing where a final image is constructed from only photographs to create a new photo-real image that looks amazingly surreal.

My goal with a Photosculpt is to create a life-like image that tells a story, something right out the imagination or what you might see in a movie done with CG. But these are all original photographs taken by myself, pieced together part by part to create an amazing final image.

If you don't believe it well its true I photograph elements like clouds, smoke, fire, scenery, people, animals what ever I can find and using Photoshop blending techniques I am able to transform, sculpt and alter photographs to a point where they seem like something that would have been generated my computer graphics.

Now with my addition of a 3D printer to my design profile I can now print out elements, props or even miniatures that I can use in these images to create even more things that I could not have done before.

Enjoy the journey!