Rebel Comm Device

Communications Device

This is a little coms device I made for the costume thought it looked kool. It was designed to look similar to the ones from A New Hope, I made the main body out of the some PVC pipe that I cute and rounded the corners on. I 3D printed the mic and base cap and buttons.

I cut and glued two strips of cardboard and superglued those to the outside of the PVC to create two little ridges.

The mic was primed black then painted with metallic paint, the condenser inside I painted first with a gold/brass colored paint. I used the same silver paint on the butt cap and buttons then I glues everything in place, sealed it with a clear varnish.

After all of that I wrapped the whole thing in some dark blue leather that I glued to the PVC part to bring the whole thing together, ages the leather and I was done, the whole thing took about a day and a half printing and all in between other projects I was doing.

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