Rebel Jacket

Rebel Jacket Build

I have been working on adding things to my jacket here and there to make it have a rebel alliance feel. I wanted to have it stylized after some of the characters in Rogue One, so this is going to be something I modify over time adding as I go.

The jacket is something that is a bit of a work in progress, so I haven't done anything too much with it yet

The main jacket was taken from a military style jacket I found in a store for super cheap. It has the word army screen printed on the back in green letters which I don't like at all, so I am looking for some fabric to resew that section of the jacket. I been having a hard time finding something that would match color-wise so I will probably end up dying some on my own eventually.

At the moment I have removed all tags and logos that I could and redone some of the fabric around the cuff in the sleeve and color as well as sewn a few other elements that I think give a military vibe.

Future Plans

I have several immediate things on my list of alterations. I want to remove the buttons and instead 3D print some spacey looking buckles with magnet clasps to replace and sew on the jacket.

I also want to sew in an alternate fabric color down the sleeves to give it some texture, I was thinking of what Fin or Cassian had on the sleeves of their jackets.

I want age it of course and maybe add some other color elements and redo the pockets a bit, maybe change that stark velcro out for some black or grey instead.

Additional Elements

Anyways those are my plans for the immediate future for this jacket, like I said its kind of a work in progress. I also plan to add some other fabric elements to go along with it so its not just a jacket and pants. (haven't built the pants yet)

I also have plans to do some more props some kind of pack or bag to go with it, that way it really brings the costume together but still keeps that original hero vibe I want.

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