Space Tools & Accessories

Space Tools & Accessories

Every good Rebel has to have his space tools and little gadgets, he's just not an effective rebel soldier without them.

I created some spacey looking tools or gadgets to go with my custom rebel costume. I 3D printed replacement caps for pens and a sharpie after all you never know when you might need to jot down some Imperial plans or a good escape route.

These were real simple designs I made in Fusion 360 to look like all the little tools you see being carried around in Star Wars. I measured the caps of the my pens to get the proper measurements for each cap then I just made some real simple spacey looking shapes, they are really my own design and I think they turned out really great


After I was done designing and printing the caps and after a good basic sanding on all of them. I put the caps on the pens and base coated them together this way I know that the paint would match up perfectly. You could apply painters tape where you wanted to not get paint as well.

I applied Krylon gloss black primer & paint to them then after they dried for about a day I sprayed on the mirror metallic finish. Its very important if you want a very shiny metal surface, especially mirror finishes you'll want to use a gloss black base cant first this will maximize reflections. Now technically because I dulled everything down I probably didn't need to do this step its just what Im use to doing.

Now I did make one mistake and that is this, if you are going to be apply aging effects to your piece be sure to give a light sealer coat over everything once its completely dry and then let that dry. The reason for this is you can probably see it but the mirror coat cracked a little, which gives a neat effect but if thats not what your looking for then be sure to seal first... Then of course after you age you will seal again.

Dirt & Grime

For mine I just used ink watered down, but you could also use a watered down acrylic paint or oil paints work very well for this sort of thing. After your done all of that use some sort of sealer like a lacquer or acrylic sealer to make sure your paint does't come off and your done.

Rogue One Thingy

This other little thing I designed after something I saw in the Rogue One trailer, Jyn Erso had it on her jacket and I thought it looked neat.

I built a clip that would clip onto my jacket made out of a sheet of brass that I bent into shape, brass is soft and easy to work with and has some flexibility to it, so for a clip it works well.

The main piece was 3D printed took about 2 hours not bad for the detail level and I just epoxied the clip to the back when it was done. PLA is very porous so glue sticks very well to it.

For paint I just used some basic metallic paint and hand painted the whole thing first then used an acrylic enamel paint for the color bits to make them look like they had been metal coated in paint. After that I sealed it with a quick acrylic spray and then aged with watered down paint and ink and sealed it again. pretty simple.

I plan to remake this eventually and then cast and make out of real metal. I want to redesign it so I can sew it on and then have the buttons snap on top of it. This way I can make something more durable and have it actually be integrated into my jacket.

Future Gadgets

I want to make some other little touches for this project but I'm really not sure what at this point so I will have to look over my star wars encyclopedias and see what jumps out at me. But this is all for now, more to come soon

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